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Health & Environment

Hong Kong's first solar-powered food truck wins catering award

  • The Young Reporter
  • By: Holly Chik、Michelle NgEdited by: Choy York Borg Paulus
  • 2017-11-07

Hong Kong's first green food truck won the Gold Prize of Catering in Traditional Cuisine of CLP’s Greenplus Award Programme. The solar-power panels, which cost over $20,000, are installed on the vehicle's roof to supply electricity for fans and for customers to charge their electronic devices. “The eye-catching panels also demonstrates the eco-friendliness of the …

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The Online Hotbed for Illegal Drugs

Blue pills - the story ends, you wake up in your bed, believing whatever you want to believe. Red pills - you stay in Wonderland, knowing how deep the rabbit hole goes. Sixteen-year-old Amy chose a set of pills from Yanhee Hospital which promised “a safe and effective hallucination”. Convinced by the photos and videos …

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Plastic free for marine creatures

  • 2017-04-22

The first thing Lin Guan Yi does in everyday morning is to open Facebook page and check orders for glass straws, yet she doesn't sell them for money. Instead, she sells glass straws for the turtles. Founded in 2016, 4theturtles aims for promoting glass straws to replace plastic straws. Lin, a financial manager, works part-timely …

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Teenage binge drinking on the rise

  • 2016-12-02

Local research shows more teenagers, as young as eight years old, are drinking alcohol by Isabella Lo and Tiffany Lui Ammy Cheng Pui-lam, currently a university student in Hong Kong, was 12 years old the first time she got drunk. She was celebrating her primary school graduation at a friend’s home. Later she developed a …

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Sugary drinks tax: will it cut obesity?

  • 2016-11-30

Can the WHO’s idea of a tax on sugary drinks work in Hong Kong? by Tracy Zhang A group of primary school students were sitting around a table at McDonald’s in Kowloon City Plaza, enjoying their meal with sips of cola. “I drink cola every meal because I love it so much,” said a plump …

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Prevention of food allergies - turn foes to friends early on

  • 2016-11-12

A new remedy for food allergies by Crystal Tai When Kelly Tang Tsz-yu was just two years old, she took a spoonful of shrimp and shortly after that, her skin was covered with an itchy rash. Her mother Iris Tai Lok-man was terrified when she began to have breathing difficulties. Since then, her mother always …

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Healing with rhythm and melody

Music therapy helps children with autism by Daisy Lee In a room filled with playful and catchy melodies, Sam Lawrence sits beside an electric piano, moving along the rhythm played by his music therapist. There are no words but his body movements express the joy he finds. Sam has a chromosome abnormality, which has ose symptoms …

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Plant-based Therapy helps students bloom

  • 2016-07-22

Horticultural Therapy can help with student suicides issue in Hong Kong By Susan Gao In a garden filled with colorful flowers and cheerful sounds of chirping birds, six students with dementia and depression are sitting on wheelchairs in front of a round table, touching their newly grown plants while listening to the therapist’s instruction. “Only …

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Stretched to the limits

A shortage of nurses at public hospitals adds tension to patient care By Richelia Yeung & Tiffany Lui Public hospitals in Hong Kong serve 90 percent of all the patients in the territory, yet employs only 40 percent of doctors according to a report published by the Food and Health Bureau in 2015. Medical staff …

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Organic truth: are you getting what you pay for?

  • 2016-06-24

  by Celia Lai The Organic Standard and Certification System was introduced in Hong Kong 14 years ago. It is supposed to guarantee that organic products meet local standards. Vegetables labelled “organic”, for example,  cost $20 to $30 more per catty (604.8 gram) than regular produce. But many consumers remain sceptical. “ I heard in …