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Somewhere over the rainbow - How an 8-year-old boy experience China’s education gulf

Every morning at 8:30, the muddy ocher-coloured cottage is blasted with young voices reading aloud textbook passages, so loud that it can be heard across the cement-levelled playground far from the school gate. There are three classrooms in the cottage with no lights but a rickety ceiling fan each. Drawings are repeatedly glued on and …


Sugar blow your own figures

  • 2017-04-23

While the local craftmanship slowly dies out, a lady still refuses to let go of sugar-blowing, which is a part of many’s childhood. Chung Choi Wan, 60, is one of the remaining three craftsmen in Hong Kong who knows how to blow sugar-coated figurine, also known as sugar- blown figure, classified as one of the …


The Man Dances with Fire and Knife

  • 2017-04-11

by Erica Chin and Kobie Li When we talk about circuses, what pops into your head? A large tent with red and yellow stripes? Or clowns who juggle? Although Hong Kong Circus has neither, Chris Leung, the chairman shows his passion for performing arts through fire knife dance. Unlike most of the circus performers, Chris knew …


Getting Away from Petty People

  • 2017-03-16

Did 2016 go well for you? If not, consider hiring a ‘petty person beater’ to beat away the bad luck.


Local entrepreneur make taking nice profile-picture a business

  • 2016-12-15

Mandy Cheng presents new possibilities to a traditional market by Emily Xu The bustling Mong Kok district is a shopping paradise. Argyle Centre is one of the most popular shopping centres there. Among the array of shops lies a unique photo studio. Fresh Studio, famous for shooting good-looking profile pictures for your passport photos and …


Beating all odds with positivity

  • 2016-11-11

The positive life led by the ordeal dealer by Celia Lai At the age of 67, Stephen Char Shik-ngor is still wearing different hats: a barrister at law, a mediator, a columnist. Straddling different fields, he is renowned for being an activist in the frontier of health protection. Having an abscess on his bottom lip …


A rise of local prosthetic makeup

Special effect makeup artist Gary Chan seeks ways to support artists in Hong Kong by Connie Fong and Susan Gao A sweaty-stocky meat deliveryman dismembers the corpse of a 16-year-old female prostitute, tearing the skin from her face. The signature bloody scene appeared in the award-winning local crime movie “Port of Call”. 26-year-old Gary Chan …


Connecting with Tattoos

“The ink may be skin deep, but the accent is deeper.” By Connie Fong and Cecilia Wong Jayers Ko is not your typical tattoo artist. “The ink may be skin-deep, but the accent is bone-deep.” she said. For her, tattoos are more than just decorations. It is an art of self-expression.She believes the message in …


Bobsy Gaia: 25 years of Ecopreneurship in Hong Kong

The story of an entrepreneur and his eco-friendly businesses By Celia Lai and Crystal Tai Wearing a man bun and a long grey beard, Bobsy Gaia almost has the look of a Taoist priest from Chinese mythology. The “ecopreneur” was born in Lebanon and has been pioneering socially responsible business in Hong Kong since 1992. …


Changing the Meaning of Blindness

  • 2016-06-24

  by Nicki Wong Chong Chan-yau lost his sight when he was six years old. As a result, his childhood was one of tragedy, dependency, hopelessness and even superstition. But technology has redefined the way the world see Mr Chong, or more appropriately, how Mr Chong sees the world. He can surf the internet and …